My secret technique to tackle intolerant friends

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Due to introduction of social networking sites, it is quite natural that we are surrounded by our friends round the day. This has some good things, and as usual some bad things too. All good things are surrounded by some bad things. Due to social networks, you can share your feeling and thoughts within a minute with your friends. But, the truth is there are some mischievous people – stupid head intolerants present who like to do nothing but bullying and cracking jokes over your thoughts and feelings. Well, in the friend’s circle cracking jokes, making fun is fine, but deliberate disrespectful comments are basically nothing but bullying. If you think that you are a victim of disrespect or bully by your friends, then go through this piece of writing as I have shared my personal experience on how to tackle these people. So far, my ways have worked for me! So, hopefully they will work for you too.

Ignorance is the best medicine for the intolerance. If you are in social networks, you have some ways of applying ignorance to those specific people, who try to bully you. What I do is simply ‘unfollow’ those stupid and fool heads, who think themselves pretty cool by hurting someone’s thoughts and feelings. Basically I use the two social networking giants – Facebook and Twitter. Well, I have hundreds of friends in my each account and being an internet-savvy I quite like to spend time in my social networks. I share my thoughts and yes, I do not expect my friends to be alike minded, but expecting a constructing criticism or healthy discussions over my thought is not a sin!

I love to interact with new people and I respect everyone’s feelings. Whether I am agreeing to them or not, but a minimum level of mutual respect should be there in friendship. In Facebook, you have the simple option to block people. However, I do not like to block people as I think that blocking is the last thing that we do. After block, you would not be able to see that person; neither the person would be able to see you. So, if you do not really want to block your friend but want to avoid in some cases, you have an option too for that, which is better than blocking. So, what you have to do is simple, put your friend into the restricted list and your friend will never be able to see your updates, unless you share something publicly. In Twitter the options are more or less the same and the options are even simpler. You can share things privately or publicly – just like Facebook. Moreover you have the ‘unfollow’ option to avoid someone if you want.

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